Faisalabad (Web Desk): Pakistani police and warden are notorious for their poor performance but there are a lot who show their loyalty with their duty even put their life in danger in order to accomplished their tasks.

Currently, the video clip of a cop and a runaway truck has gone viral over social media. The viral video depicts a traffic police warden clinging onto a bus, yelling at the bus driver to stop the vehicle after it ran over a pedestrian, who died on the spot.

A motorcyclist captured the whole event on his cell phone and shared it online. As of the time of writing this, the clip has attracted thousands of likes and comments online.

First, the clip surfaced at the Facebook Page ‘City Traffic Police Faisalabad’ leaving many to think that the incident occurred in Faisalabad. The dark blue dress of the cop in the clip further lends more weight to this observation.

Now the important thing is… whether the truck driver involved in the hit and run is treated under the rule of law of not?