Lahore (Web Desk): A handful of almonds a day boosts 'good' cholesterol levels, new research reveals.

Eating the nuts every day increases levels of so-called 'good' cholesterol while also improving plaque removal from the body, a study found.

Just 43g of almonds improves good cholesterol levels by 19 percent, as well as boosting the removal of its 'bad' counterpart, research reveals.

Previous research reveals an increase in good cholesterol , and a decrease in bad, reduces a person's risk of heart disease .

Study author Professor Kris-Etherton from Pennsylvania State University, said: 'If people incorporate almonds into their diet, they should expect multiple benefits, including ones that can improve heart health.

'They're not a cure-all, but when eaten in moderation - and especially when eaten instead of a food of lower nutritional value - they're a great addition to an already healthy diet.'

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