Lahore (Web Desk): Everyone is curious about the nature of one’s personality and for this different surveys and studies are conducted. Because every move of our body determines something about what kind of a person we are. Be it the way you sleep, the way you eat, your birth month or even your fingernails, it all has to say something about your personality .

Here you can find different types of nails and what it reveals about certain kinds of characters. But before it you need to determine your nail shape .


Shorter index fingernails in women

Shorter fingernails in women can be a sign of anorexia and assertiveness in some cases. Although this has nothing to do with the personality traits, it is something worth being mentioned.


Fan-shaped or triangle shaped nails

This is a class of nails which are broad at the base and thin at the top. Hence, it has got the name ‘triangle shaped.’ It says that you have got an anxious personality which is subject to your moods.


Broad rectangle nails

People with such kind of fingernails are mostly quick-tempered and get affected by the people around them. The broad nails reveal a personality that is honest, patient, balanced and easygoing in many terms.


Almond shaped nails

People with this kind of nails are mostly gentle and calm. They get emotionally attached too often and are creative in many ways.


Square shaped nails

The nails having equal length and breadth has a lot to say about this group of people. The people with such type of nails usually are quite impatient. They get hypertensive in small situations too. I’m sure you had no idea that your nails reveal a lot about your personality .


Taller rectangular shaped nails

Th personality trait of the people with tall rectangular nails includes a selfish part of them which makes them narrow-minded too. That has been proposed by a research team as per surveys among some people with such type of nails .


C-shaped fingernails

The people belonging to this category are usually hardworking and sincere.


Oval or round

A happy personality is revealed through this kind of fingernails. The people having the oval or round shape tend to be an optimist. They are usually open-minded and relaxed.