First Pakistani wrestler to sign with WWE

First Pakistani wrestler to sign with WWE

Stamford (Web Desk): Pakistan-born American wrestler Mustafa Ali became the first wrestler from Pakistan to officially sign with the world’s biggest pro wrestling promotion, WWE.

According to foreign media, Ali became the first Pakistani to compete in a WWE ring, as part of the Cruiser weight Classic tournament on the WWE Network in July and despite losing the tournament five months later, in December, he has officially announced to sign with WWE.

Ali, a proud Pakistani, is part of the new show dedicated to cruiser weight wrestlers, 205 Live, wrestling on the show alongside some of the best cruiserweight wrestlers such as Japan’s Akira Tozawa, Israel’s Noam Dar, veteran Brian Kendrick and the reigning defending WWE Cruiserweight champion Rich Swann.

Ali said while expressing his dream to become a WWE wrestler, “To wrestle for WWE is such a huge deal to me. It’s what I grew up on. It’s what I chased for 13 years. It’s what I’ve broken bones for. It’s what I’ve missed birthdays for. To be able to live that moment of standing in a WWE ring is … I don’t know how to describe it.”

Signing with WWE as a first ever Pakistani wrestler is surely a dream come true for Ali, as well as for many Pakistanis who desired of watching a fellow countryman wrestle on the big stage. It is a proud moment for Ali as well as the entire nation.

Ali stated as he challenges to break all the stereotypes, “My name is Mustafa Ali, and your mind’s already started making assumptions. The minute I walk out, I don’t say a word. The crowd hears my name and they boo me out of the building. I’m going to change all of that.”

WWE brought an Indian wrestler The Great Khali in 2006, who fought against the WWE stars like John Cena, Kane, Batista and the Undertaker and went on to achieve a lot of fame. Just like Khali, Ali is an upcoming WWE star in making and WWE has opened up their market for Pakistan in which there is already a huge audience that takes interest in wrestling entertainment.

Ali had a trial with the company 3 years ago and was refused, despite having good wrestling skills. Now that his dream has come true finally, one has to wait and watch how Ali performs in front of the WWE crowd.