Mallika Sherawat going to be homeless soon

Mallika Sherawat going to be homeless soon

New Delhi (Web Delhi): Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat who has been long gone from the 70 mm shifted to Paris last year. And while there was not much news about the Murder actress, she made headlines when 3 masked gunmen attacked and robbed her and her boyfriend in the lobby outside her Paris apartment last year. And now reports are doing rounds that Mallika might have no home to stay in Paris anymore.

The international media reportedthat Mallika and her French boyfriend Cyrille Auxenfans have not paid their landlord the rent for the 16th Arrondissement apartment, which so far amounts up to 80000 thousand Euros, which is Indian rupees goes up 64 lakhs.

Further they also cites a Francetvinfo report, which has quotes from the couple’s lawyer stated that the unpaid rent is Mallika and Cyrille’s way of showing their annoyance about the robbery and that the couple would pay the arrears once their dispute with the landlord has been resolved. The lawyer also told the court that the couple is currently going through ‘temporary financial difficulties’.

On coming across these reports Mallika Sherawat took to Twitter and wrote. "Some in the media think I hv an apartment in Paris !! It’s absolutely Not True, if someone has donated one to me, pls send me the address :)"

While it is also said that the couple has no money, but the landlord’s lawyer was quoted by Francetvinfo saying that, “Ms Sherawat would have been the best-paid actress in 2016. We are talking about 46 million euros of income and a fortune of 140 million. We are far from the tenant in difficulty."

The court will be ruling on the matter soon. And while claims are being made about the actress being robbed, but her twitter account last year had no such indications about the event. But she had posted a picture on Instagram revealing the incident.