On Eid 25% discount on all domestic flights: PIA

On Eid 25% discount on all domestic flights: PIA

Lahore (Web Des): Pakistan International Airlines just publicized the offer of 25% flat discounts on all domestic flights during Eid.

According to details, company said that this special discount is related to Eid and exiting discount should be considered as Eid Gift from the national airline.

PIA announced the discount is such a way:

Special Eid Discount!

25% off on all domestic flights!! Whether you’re exploring a new city in Pakistan over the Eid holidays or reuniting with family, avail this amazing discount and FLY PIA!

It must be noted here that discount is valid for flights between June 27th to June 29th, i.e. during first second and third day of the Eid.

Usually there is lesser number of people who travel during Eid holidays, the offer is likely to grab some attention as similar offers are likely to announced by some other airlines during this Eid 2017.