Rajanpur’s 13-year rape victim gives birth to child

Rajanpur’s 13-year rape victim gives birth to child

Rajanpur (Web Desk): A 13-year-old rape victim gave birth to a child, which will be the sole evidence that will lead the court to the alleged rapist.

According to the victim's family, the girl used to take tuitions at a house in the neighbourhood where 40-year-old Kashif allegedly raped her.

The family went to court the case could not be proceeded further due to lack of evidence. Then girl’s father decided that he needed to bring his daughter’s unborn child in this world.

On November 17, 2016, the minor girl gave birth following which the local court had ordered a DNA test to determine parenthood.

But during the last two proceedings, the key accused in the case failed to appear in the court. The hearing will resume on March 16 (today).

Cradling her baby in her arms the victim said, “We are poor people. We expect the court to give us justice”.

In an interview to media, the girl’s father also vowed to get his daughter justice.