Huawei considers customers’ safety and security

Huawei considers customers’ safety and security

Lahore (Web Desk): The global telecommunications company Huawei is known to focus on customer satisfaction in all aspects, especially in the area of Safety and Security. It believes in putting user-safety at the forefront of all operations. 

Huawei launched its latest P10 and P10 Plus to boost consumer confidence in their products. Recently, it has opened the doors to its device testing units. While manufacturing of all Huawei products, extensive stress testing is carried out to ensure maximum safety protocols.

To provide the customers with peace of mind, Huawei has devices testing units where all sample products undergo a 72 hour solar-radiation test which guarantees that the device would not malfunction or heat up.

Furthermore, 48 hours of hot-and-cold shift tests are carried out to ensure the products capacity to undergo and function seamlessly with temperature surges and drops. Additionally, 500 rounds of twist-test, 2000 rounds of software stress tests, and 70kg hardware stress tests are performed during the testing phase, which is the sole reason as to why Huawei’s defect rate has always been next to nothing.

Huawei products have to undergo multiple series of such tests before it can make it to the shelves.

“In all countries and regions where we operate, we have implemented an effective management system, whereby establishing a corporate-level global safety incident ownership mechanism. The culture and practices at Huawei is a testimony to ensure the maximum quality, safety and value-for-money to the customers,” the country head of Huawei in Pakistan, Mr. Blueking stated.