Shame on those trolling Aishwarya for kissing Aaradhya

Shame on those trolling Aishwarya for kissing Aaradhya

New Delhi (Web Desk): On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan shared an adorable picture on Instagram in which the doting mother was seen kissing her daughter Aaradhya Bachchan on her lips, Indian media reported.

According to details, the actress captioned the picture as: "LOVE YOUUNCONDITIONALLY Happiest Mama in the World"


 The picture of mother and daughter melted hearts of her fans and well-wishers, who loved the bond between a mother-daughter duo. But trolls decided to attack diva over the photo.

Here’s what outraged the trolls and why they are wrong:


Kissing is quite a normal thing for a parent to do. Lot of Indian parents affectionately kiss their kids on lips.
When children go through positive physical experiences with a parent early in their, it sets them up to be comfortable giving and receiving physical affection later in life.



Sexualizing a sweet and innocent peck between a mother and daughter is wrong. Instead of seeing them as babies, toddlers, and little girls; sleazy trolls only see them as soon-to-be sexual beings.

The story is originally published by ‘The Times of India’