Global COVID-19 death toll climbs above 143,000

Global COVID-19 death toll climbs above 143,000

London (Web Desk): Reported cases of the coronavirus crossed 2.14 million globally and 143,744 people have died.

The Chinese city of Wuhan hiked its death toll from the novel coronavirus by 50% on Friday bringing the total to 3,869, state-run TV reported, confirming residents’ worst fears amid rising international doubts about Beijing’s handling of the outbreak.

The central city where the virus first appeared in humans late last year added another 1,290 victims on top of the 2,579 previously counted as of Thursday, reflecting incorrect reporting, delays and omissions, CCTV reported.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro fired his health minister on Thursday after clashing with him over how to fight the new coronavirus, and again called for states to end stay-at-home orders that he said were hurting the economy.

Denmark will allow certain small businesses, such as hairdressers, beauty salons and driving schools, to reopen on April 20, the government said on Friday, following a lockdown ordered last month to rein in the coronavirus.

On Thursday, US President Donald Trump vowed to unveil plans to reopen the world's top economy, following cautious moves in Europe, claiming the US had “passed the peak” of new coronavirus cases, even as the country logged a record number of deaths from the disease.