PFA demands ban on fizzy drinks all over country

PFA demands ban on fizzy drinks all over country

Lahore (Web Desk): Punjab Food Authority, after banning fizzy drinks in schools, is now considering banning these for underage children all across the province.

PFA Director General Noorul Amin Mengal said to a local media outlet that this step is being considered because these fizzy drinks have a bad effect on children’s mental and physical health. He further said that food outlets will be provided with directives to refrain from selling these drinks to underage kids.

PFA authority initially banned fizzy drinks in school canteens in order to address growth issues. These directives are likely to be implemented after the summer vacations.

Under the age of 18 will not be allowed to buy fizzy drinks; the PFA is considering to replace these with juices or flavoured milk.

According to reports, three categories have been given to food, red, yellow and green.

Red category includes food and drinks that should not be available at school canteens, such as carbonated drinks.

Yellow category, should be available in small quantities for kids, e.g. tea, coffee, packed fruit juices, biscuit, ice creams, etc.

Green category lists the food that is recommended focusing on fresh food, e.g. fruits, fresh fruit juices, fruit chats, chana chats, pastas, sandwiches, rice, flavoured and plain milk, milkshakes, lassi, flavoured yoghurts, eggs, and nuts.

Punjab Food Authority has taken up as a challenge after Pakistan is revealed among the countries with a stunted growth problem.