PM Imran launches 'Kamyab Jawan Program' for welfare of youth

PM Imran launches 'Kamyab Jawan Program' for welfare of youth

Islamabad (Web Desk): Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched "Kamyab Jawan Program" for welfare of youth across the country.

Speaking at the ceremony held at Jinnah Convention Centre on Thursday, PM Imran put emphasis on ensuring merit to uplift the country. Nations with merit-based system and zero corruption mark progress, he said.

“We are ensuring merit in Pakistan and curbing the corruption,” he said, besides lamenting that no measures were taken in this regard in the past.

The program aims at enabling the youth to play their productive role in the progress of the country.

The prime minister said Kamyab Jawan Program is a merit-based initiative, adding that merit is the most important thing for any nation to prosper in the world.

Under this project, the youth would be given loans in three categories. Ranging from Rs10,000 to Rs 100,000 interest-free loans will be provided in a category, while upto Rs500,000 loans will be given on lenient terms and conditions in the other category.

Under the program, a vast array of projects and initiatives would be taken in education, skill training, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement for country’s youth.