Islamabad (Staff Report): The electricity shortfall once again soared to a staggering about 7,000 Mega Watt across the country.

The countrywide demand of electricity is 17000MW whereas the production capacity is only 10,000MW taking the shortfall to 7000MW.

Reports from various parts of the country suggested 10-12 hours of loadshedding in major cities including Lahore and 12-18 hours in rural areas.

While taking the notice of unscheduled loadshedding, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif reprimanded the Ministry of Water and Power officials.

Presiding a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Energy, the premier expressed his displeasure and said that the authorities in the concerned ministry will be held responsible for not doing immediate planning on the issue.

The PM said that there is no reason behind loadshedding and electricity should be provided.