Mardan: A new video related to Mashal Khan’s lynching has been surfaced, which shows a group of alleged witnesses pledging to not reveal the name of his shooter .

‘Nobody should disclose who shot him [Mashal] and if anyone does, he would have betrayed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),’ PTI councillor for Iram Colony, Arif Mardan, can be heard saying as he urges the alleged witnesses to pledge loyalty.

The man openly challenges law enforcement agencies to nominate him in the FIR, saying, ‘Congratulations to everyone, we have killed him [Mashal].’

The crowd chanting religious slogans can be seen congratulating everyone on the lynching of the 23-year-old Mass Communication student of Abdul Wali Khan University and the video seems to be captured minutes after the incident.

Mashal , a student of Mass Communication at Abdul Wali Khan University, was shot and beaten to death by a mob of fellow students on campus on April 13 after allegations of blasphemy.