Medic staff negligence leaves child paralyze for life

Medic staff negligence leaves child paralyze for life

Lahore (Staff Report): According to the recent reports a heart wrenching event happened in Ganga Ram Hospital when staff left a child in front of the heater in ICU carelessly and unfortunately burning the newborn’s arm in the process leaving it disabled for life.

The newborn brought to ICU of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital was facing breathing problem, where the doctors didn’t bother even staff let the infant near heater hastily where his arm got burned.

The infant’s totally burned arm left the doctors with no choice other than cutting off the burnt arm of the child.

The newborn’s parents demonstrated outside the hospital, blocking the road burning tyres, as they were asked to visit their child in Mayo Hospital’s Burns Unit . They also hinted at cutting off the arm of the child.

Parents maintain that it was due to sheer carelessness of the doctors and the staff. They alleged claim that they weren’t permitted to see the child and were kept in dark in spite of repeated queries even nurse kept saying that he must be crying due to hunger and didn’t check him even then.