World 'praises' Iran over US standoff: Rouhani

World 'praises' Iran over US standoff: Rouhani

Tehran (Agencies): President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday said that Iran will not wage war against any nation.

“Iran will not wage war against any nation,” Rouhani said in a speech broadcast live on state TV. “Those facing us are a group of politicians with little experience.”

He said the world "praises" Iran over its standoff with Washington, and that the US had broken promises by abandoning a landmark nuclear deal that Tehran had continued to honour.

He added, “Despite all of the Americans’ efforts in the region and their desire to cut off our ties with all of the world and their desire to keep Iran secluded, they have been unsuccessful.”

A day earlier, the US announced the deployment of more troops to the Middle East amid rising tensions between Tehran and Washington.

Fears of a confrontation between Iran and the United States have mounted since attacks on two oil tankers at the entrance to the Gulf on Thursday, which Washington has blamed on Tehran.