PM Imran vows to win war against coronavirus, rules out lockdown

PM Imran vows to win war against coronavirus, rules out lockdown

Islamabad (Staff Report/Agencies): Prime Minister Imran Khan has ruled out locking down cities amid coronavirus fears.

Addressing to the nation on Tuesday, PM Khan asked Pakistanis to prepare for a coronavirus epidemic in the country but to fight the disease.

"I want to tell all of you, this virus will spread," the premier said in a televised address to the nation, his first on COVID-19.

He said he was seeing a "state of panic" taking hold of the country but asked people to take precautions instead.

The PM said the government has realized the severity of the problem and all out steps are being taken to overcome the threats arising out of this pandemic.

PM Khan said 97 percent cases get recovery and only four to five percent patients, who have weak immune system due to elderly age, need hospitalization and treatment.

The prime minister urged the citizens to refrain from panicking and adopt proper preventive measures to protect themselves from the deadly virus.

He urged the citizens to avoid gatherings of more than 40 people, hand shaking, wash hands with soaps frequently, and use masks while travelling.

Imran Khan advised the people to keep proper distance from infected people, especially those who are coming from foreign countries.

He also underlined the need to sensitize masses on the seriousness of the issue and create public awareness on the precautionary measures.