Tokyo: (Web Desk): Famous french stunt man named Ibraham Poincheval has pulled off another stunt , when he hatched an egg after sitting on 10 of them for three weeks.

Poincheval has been on public display inside a glass case in the( Palais de Tokyo modern art museum )since March 29-2017, and can be seen checking on the eggs every few minutes via the museum's live youTube feed.

While the first egg hatched earlier this week, he must continue to remain in the glass case until the remaining nine eggs hatch as well.

spokeswoman for the museum told internatioanl agency press rpeorter in an interview that "It's been really tough for him. He has slept sitting on the eggs . It's been a lot harder than being shut inside the rock," .

Among the hardest things Poincheval has had to face during this experiment is the heat inside the glass, as a temperature of 37 degree Celsius must be maintained at all times for the eggs to hatch.