Avoid heating 4 things in microwave

Avoid heating 4 things in microwave

Lahore (Web Desk): Food experts claimed that use of microwave oven for a quick fix to make meal could make you sick because such food containers or mugs would expose you to harmful chemicals.

There are many side effects of using microwave in wrong manner and here are four things you should avoid heating in microwave oven.

Boiled Eggs

Boiling an egg in a microwave is never a good idea. Eggs absorb a lot of steam, which finds nowhere to escape. If you try hard boiling them you are likely to end up with a mess.

Frozen Meat

Food experts stated that always defrost meat at room temperature rather using microwave because thinner edges of meat start cooking while the thicker middle remains frozen.

Moreover, if microwave is not rotating properly while cooking, it indicates that your food is getting uneven heat which could lead to produce poisonous bacteria in food.

Plastic containers

Plastic containers are bad to microwave food in. Many plastics contain estrogen-like chemicals that can stick to your food when the plastic is heated and make you sick.


Chicken needed to be cook thoroughly to eliminate all bacteria from it including salmonella while microwaves do not evenly cook all parts of the meat.