Karachi; Ayyan Ali got a license to fly abroad when Sindh High Court issue direct orders to remove Ayyan Ali’s name from the exit control list.

Orders issued by the referee judge of SHC, Justice Naimatullah Phulpoto clearly state that Ayyan Ali is free to go abroad.

“Ayyan will leave the country to meet her ailing mother, as soon as she gets a copy of the court’s verdict,” one of her lawyers, Qadir Khan Mandokhel, said while talking to the media at SHC.

Previously, senior member of the two-member bench formed for the case, Justice Ahmed Ali Sheikh, had said the matter did not fall within the jurisdiction of SHC as her name was put in the ECL over the request of the Punjab government.  

According to another lawyer of the model, Lateef Khosa, an illegal proceeding was taking place against Ayyan

On the other hand, Additional Attorney General Salman Talibuddin was of the view that the Punjab government put Ayyan’s name in ECL in the murder case of custom inspector. He added the matter did not fall within the sphere of SHC to solve.