Customers can fire until food not served in restaurant

Customers can fire until food not served in restaurant

A Restaurant is becoming popular in America where the customers can fire until food orders, placed by them, are not served.

The Restaurant last June opened its first location in Peoria, Arizona – where diners can fire laser-based replicas at 16-foot-wide screens as they eat a nice meal or even just have a few cocktails, international media reports.  

In the Restaurant, patrons can reserve a table by the hour and take advantage of a number of different shooting scenarios for an annual membership fee of $5. Standard targets include ducks and zombies, while customers can pay an upcharge for real simulations involving police and military.

Normally Wireless replicas utilized for law enforcement training are said to have the feel of real guns. Two of the replicas, such as the AR-15, use CO2 cartridges to mimic the discharging of a real firearm.

The majority customers of the Modern Round’s are adults, but children between the ages of 12 and 18 are not allowed to come without an adult guardian.

Before firing the replicas, all new members must first watch a gun safety video.

Brainchild of former Smith and Wesson CEO Mitchell Saltz of Modern Round have planned to open its second location in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has hopes of opening other locations in Dallas and San Antonio, Texas.