Islamabad: Indian anti-Pakistan activities inside Pakistan are undermining the war against terrorism in Pakistan, says Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria today.

“We have more than enough, undeniable evidences and proofs that India is carrying out nefarious activities and financing terrorists in Pakistan to destabilize,” Zakaria said.

The cost of war against terrorism, he said, was enormous. “No nation has done more than Pakistan to wipe out terrorism,” he added.

Referring to the confessional statements of Indian spy Kulbushan Yadav, who was apprehended by intelligence agencies from Balochistan, the Foreign Office spokesman said Pakistan was a victim of “Indian-state terrorism”.

Zakaria said Chuck Hagel, a former United States defence secretary, had stated that New Delhi was trying to destabilise relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

“There are also statements ofTOP  Indian leaders about using terrorism against Pakistan.”

Dialogue rather confrontation is the core element of Pakistan’s foreign policy and Islamabad has time and again called upon India to engage in talks, he added.

“Just resolution of this dispute is essential for normalisation of relations between the two countries and peace and development in the region,” said the Foreign Office spokesperson.