Pakistan is now on track for sustainable growth: PM Nawaz

Pakistan is now on track for sustainable growth: PM Nawaz

Davos (Web Desk): Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that Pakistan is now on track for sustainable growth.

Addressing to business leaders at a private dinner hosted by the Abraaj Group in Davos, PM said, “We are ready to do business with the world.”

“I invite you to take benefit of the economic revival of Pakistan and enjoy the first mover’s advantage,” PM Nawaz told the audience.

Commenting on the importance of peace and stability, PM Sharif remarked that development would remain an elusive dream and stressed the need for collaboration and cooperation to meet global challenges.

Nawaz Sharif said his government is working to ensure rule of law in the country while strengthening democratic institutions and making them more relevant in all aspects of governance. He noted that attending the World Economic Forum is a great opportunity to meet global thinkers, policymakers and business leaders who shape the future of millions of people.

“Without inclusion and partnerships, we cannot make any headway," PM Nawaz said. "This is the approach I believe we need to take at the global, regional and national levels in order to not only solve our problems, but also to create an environment in which the world economy can rejuvenate and revive,” he added.

He recalled that since assuming office in 2013, his government had effectively tackled the challenges of severe energy shortages, inflationary pressures, exchange rate volatility and a precarious security environment.