US wants to see ‘economically sustainable’ Pakistan

US wants to see ‘economically sustainable’ Pakistan

Washington (Web Desk): State Department spokesperson Ned Price said that the United States wants to see Pakistan in an ‘economically sustainable’ position.

The spokesperson, during a press briefing on Wednesday, was asked if the US was paying any attention to Pakistan after it had less than $5 billion left in its foreign exchange reserves or if it was planning to give debt relief to the country. Price maintained that this was a challenge the US was “attuned” to.

“I know that Pakistan has been working with the IMF [International Monetary Fund], with international financial institutions. We want to see Pakistan in an economically sustainable position. Those conversations, as I understand it, are ongoing,” he said.

Price furthered that while Washington could be “supportive” of Islamabad, the ultimate conversations were between Pakistan and the international financial institutions.

He was also asked if the US on a government-to-government level gave any suggestions to Pakistan to take some immediate steps which could improve the economy.

“These conversations with our Pakistani partners often do entail technical issues. Oftentimes, these are addressed between the Department of the Treasury and our Pakistani partners,” Price stated.

He added that Pakistan’s macroeconomic stability was a topic of conversation between the Department of State and its counterparts, the White House, the Treasury Department, and others.