Karachi: Pakistan People’s Party leader Sharjeel Memon who was arrested right he landed at Islamabad Airport convened a press conference today.

He said that he was actually kidnapped by Law enforcement agencies rather than being arrested because he was on bail at the time of arrest.

He maintained that if he had no intentions of returning to his homeland he must not had got himself bailed out from courts.

He was of the view point that a public representative and political leader deserve a rightful respect.

He said that he was under treatment in Karachi till August, 2015 when the doctors recommended him to go abroad for further treatment and reference was made against him without any notice. His name was put on Exit Control List after two months. As far as the question of recovery of PKR 2 Billion from his home he maintained that this is just a malice news to destroy his reputation. He expressed his willingness to face all such cases. He didn’t mince his words and targeted NAB and PMLN government in the center questioning why PM Nawaz and his family members names are not on the list.