Beware! Whatsapp to share your location automatically

Beware! Whatsapp to share your location automatically

Lahore (Web Desk): Now you should be aware of the latest feature that can show your real-time location to your friends.

The popular messaging app WhatsApp is now launching live location sharing, a feature that tells selected friends where you are in real time. It's worth noting that Apple has a similar app called "Find My Friends".

To use it, you choose which friend you want to share your live location with (much like you'd drop a GPS location pin or send a photo), then select how long you're happy to share the info, whether that's 15 minutes or eight hours. It then sends them a map that displays where you are at a particular moment in time.

If multiple people in a chat all share their live location, then they all appear on the same map.

The feature will likely come in handy for coordinating meet-ups and parties, but also has potential safety and security benefits too, making sure friends get home safe late at night, or finding a contact lost in an unfamiliar environment.

In a blog post, the Facebook-owned messaging app said the feature will launch on both iOS and Android phones "in the coming weeks."