Learn smart parenting that seriously deserves ‘Nobal Prize’

Learn smart parenting that seriously deserves ‘Nobal Prize’

Lahore (Web Desk): Our Generation likes to play it cool. Whether it is being a child or a parent, our generation knows how to raise the bar with the coolness. Modern time parents can never be caring and simple like our father and parents. Our Parents used to take care of us without the help of technology or any gadgets, they were simple yet caring. But, today’s parents are not even close to their parents and yet they call themselves ‘Cool Parents’.

Today, we would like you to meet some cool parents who will redefine coolness for you. These parents are modern, gadget freak and have a carefree attitude. The below pictures will make you understand what we are trying to say. Have a look at these cool parents.

Here are pictures of some cool parents who simply deserve ‘Nobal Prize’ for their training and techniques to handle their kids.

The inventor of this Gadget and the Parents using it surely deserve a Noble Prize.

How to make sure that your kid doesn’t go out of your sight?

Here is the boss of all the over smart dads.

This dad forgot to read the Instruction Manual that came with the Product.

The kid wanted to go shopping and look how his Dad took the challenge.

His daughter wanted to sit with him on the Chair. Look what he did next.

“Dad, I forget to delete my Browser History.”

Learn how to handle two kids at a time like a boss.

Hair bands are a thing of the past, here is the new super strong thing to tie your daughter’s hair.

Just remember one thing, never use your kid as a shield.

She said she’ll be back in 5 mins, it’s already more than an hour.

Apparently, this over smart dad can sleep anywhere in the house.

But beware! Never ever try this with your kids.