Karachi (Staff Report): Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) challenged the procedure of ongoing census 2017 in Sindh High Court (SHC) toda (Monday).

The petition was filed against the federal government among others over alleged irregularities in country’s sixth census procedure .

PPP Senator Farahatullah Babar said while talking to the media after filing the petition that the opposition party has serious doubts and apprehensions over the whole procedure of the census .

The Senator said that seeking disclosure of data is our basic right, while several important parts of information are labeled as confidential in the census .

He also demanded that the data collected in census should be posted on the website immediately so as the people could know that how many houses have been marked in the process of house counting.

He feared that people will remain unaware and meanwhile all the information (data) will be sent to Islamabad. He added that citizens should be provided with a copy of the information so as they can tally their statistics at a later stage.

He also said that not only PPP but all other parties and sectors of society have raised questions about the authenticity of ongoing census .

The spokesperson further added that their basic demand is to make the whole process transparent.

“It is the fundamental right of every citizen to know the procedure ,” he asserted.