Watch: Two-legged goat may stun you

Watch: Two-legged goat may stun you

Beijing (Web Desk): The locals form Yunnan province, south-west China, have reported a ‘strong-willed goat’ with only two legs.

This determined goat has taught herself how to balance her body on two legs and how to walk around and play with her friends.

Li Tianlin, the breeder of the animals, said: 'The goat was born with two hind legs glued to the body, only the front feet are normal. '

He shared a footage shows the cute black kid balancing on her two front legs and running around with the other animals, stunning her breeder and other villagers.

According to reports, the goat was born in Yunnan's Xinping Yi-Dai Autonomous County on December 20, 2015.

She was born without any hind legs however has taught herself to walk just within a week of being born.

She also can be seen eating fresh food while still standing, later joined by other goat friends.

The story was originally published by ‘Daily Mail’