Riyadh (Web Desk): The fire erupted in a hotel in the Saudi Arabian city of Makkah on Monday, where around two million Muslims are gathering to perform the annual Haj pilgrimage, however, the hotel was evacuated and no causality was reported.

According to details provided by civil defence spokesman Nayef al-Sharif, no casualties were reported in the fire, which was sparked by a faulty air conditioning unit on the eighth floor of a hotel in the Azaziyah district of Makkah .

Sharif reported that all 600 residents, most of whom had come from Turkey and Yemen for the hajj pilgrimage, were evacuated and have since returned to the hotel .

Haj draws Muslims from around the world to the western Saudi Arabian city of Makkah , birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the most revered site in Islam.