Beautiful Taiwanese Nurse causing sickness to many

Beautiful Taiwanese Nurse causing sickness to many

Taipei, Taiwan (Web Desk): A gorgeous nurse in a medical center in Taipei, Taiwan, has got lots of people suddenly ‘falling sick’ thanks to her smoking looks.

Carina Linn has recently attracted the attention of people on a Facebook page called ‘Another Girl’. Even her Instagram has got over 150k followers and the numbers just keep increasing!

Photographs of herself in the nurse’s uniform received most likes on Instagram. Netizens (people addicted to Social Media) are under the spell of her beauty and the men particularly are mentioning how they need to see Carina immediately.

One person wrote, “I need Carina ASAP. I think there’s something wrong with my heart. It is beating so fast.”

Some even joked how they absolutely needed to move to Taiwan. Meanwhile, she has been criticised by some people who said that posting such pictures is very unprofessional.