Shocking report discloses, Skin creams are flammable

Shocking report discloses, Skin creams are flammable

Lahore (Web Desk): One of the elements of skin creams ‘paraffin’ have been linked to dozens of fire deaths across England, BBC reported.

According to a recent report of BBC, ‘paraffin’ creams are generally used for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, but it can make the fabric flammable if it is soaked into clothes or bedding.

BBC Radio 5 research found that since 2010, there have been 37 deaths in England which have been linked back to the creams. The medicine and healthcare products regulatory agency has said that creams containing paraffin should carry a warning.

The report was also concerned that there was no fire warning on the package of the cream. He said a “highly flammable” label should be added.

The BBC investigation found, in England only six fire brigades provided information for the report, which detailed 37 fatal incidents.

The scale of the issue could be much bigger, some suspect, with people not reporting fires they had been able to put out.

This story originally appeared on BBC.