Irfan Elahi assumes office as acting Chairman PIA

Irfan Elahi assumes office as acting Chairman PIA

Islamabad:In the 8th meeting of the PIA board Irfan Elahi is elected as acting Chairman of the Board of Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Ltd.

The appointment is of utmost importance keeping in view the disastrous plane crash of PK 661, that claimed 47 lives. The disaster was followed by resignation of the then, Chairman Azam Saigol, although there are many other reasons cited of his resignation.

Today, PIACL elected Federal Secretary Aviation Division Muhammed Irfan Elahi as the new chairman. Irfan Elahi will look after the affairs of the PIACL board in addition to his existing responsibilities as Federal Secretary Aviation Division. This is Irfan Elahi's second term as Chairman of the board.

During the meeting the board of directors of PIACL were given a detailed briefing on the "unfortunate crash of ATR-42 and apprised of the steps taken by the airline for providing relief, support and assistance to the aggrieved family members," the statement added.

The Board took keen interest in the welfare of Haseena Gul, the 14-year old girl from Chitral who lost all six members of her immediate family in the air crash. The Board said that, if needed, PIA would like to take the responsibility of her education as well as living and medical expenses.