Naveed Baloch goes missing in Germany

Naveed Baloch goes missing in Germany

Gwadar (Web Desk): Pakistani asylum seeker Naveed Baloch who was detained in Berlin for his suspected involvement in a deadly assault in which 12 people died early this week, and who was said to have been released late on Tuesday for lack of evidence against him — has neither contacted his family nor reached the refugee shelter in the German capital where he was living.

Pakistani media reported that Naveed’s father Hassan Baloch informed on Wednesday that his son had gone missing.

Naveed’s father said that he had not been contacted by Naveed even though media reports said his son had been set free by the Berlin police on Tuesday night.

A Baloch activist in Berlin Wajid Baloch, confirmed that Naveed had yet to reach the refugee shelter where he was living prior to his arrest.

According to Wajid, Naveed’s mobile phone had been switched off.

The father Hassan Baloch said his son used to work on a daily wage basis in the local fishing industry. “Out of frustration and fed up with unemployment, my son went to Germany 17 months ago,” he said.

Hassan lives in Kech district of Balochistan.

Shunning the arrested Pakistani story as the person who killed 12 people in Berlin, now German Police is pursuing a Tunisian man in relation to the truck attack on a Christmas market,as stated by German media.

German leading paper Der Spiegel reported that police had found an identity document under the driver’s seat of the truck in the name of Anis A, born in Tataouine in 1992, and that the suspect was believed to use different names.