Great news: Women can apply for subsidised motorbikes today

Great news: Women can apply for subsidised motorbikes today

Lahore (PR): The Punjab government has launched “Women on Wheels: Motorbike Subsidy Scheme” project for Women.

According to Chief Minister’s Strategic Reforms Unit, the campaign has been launched in collaboration with the provincial transport department and the Bank of Punjab.

At least 3,000 motorcycles will be given to women at subsidised rates under a transparent balloting process.

The Punjab government would provide equity subsidy of Rs 24,975 and 100 per cent mark-up on each motorbike. Each applicant will make down payment of Rs 27,000 and pay 12 easy monthly installments of Rs 1,856. The motorbikes will be customised pink, CD-70 Dream Motorbikes with additional features including leg guards and a carrier bag.

Applications would be received from today (Monday) to Feb 25. The campaign is geared towards empowering women, and to serve as a counter narrative to the existing marginalisation of women in the country.

The age limit is 18 to 40 years. Other requirements include a valid learner’s or actual licence and a Punjab domicile. The candidate must either be employed/own a business or students, permanently residing in any of these districts - Lahore, Multan, Sargodha, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi.

The monthly income of the applicant, or her family, in case of students, should not exceed Rs 30,000. Students must attach an express consent of their parents/guardians who should also be quoted as guarantors. The applicants must possess valid secondary school/matriculation certificates.

The documents to be attached with the application form include a passport sized photograph, a copy of the valid CNIC, Punjab domicile certificate, secondary school/matriculation certificate, and in case of students, an affidavit stating that the maximum income does not exceed Rs 30,000 along with Rs 3,000 non-refundable application fee.

Applications could be submitted in the following BoP branches: GC University Branch and Madina Town Branch in Faisalabad, Gulgasht Colony Branch and Model Town Branch in Multan, Gule Akra Plaza Branch and U.A.A.R Campus Branch in Rawalpindi, and Club Chowk Branch and University Road Branch in Sargodha, and New Muslim Town Branch, MM Tower Branch, University of Education-Township Branch, Services Hospital Branch and DHA Phase VI Branch in Lahore.

The chief minister will conduct the balloting. The successful candidates will participate in Women on Wheels Mega Rally.