Lahore (Web Desk): Google is introducing a Google 's News & Weather app instead so if you are already Googling your news every morning, you must consider downloading this app instead.

The app maker has set a feature bump in it that will help you to peruse through 200 news stories at a time with More Headlines by simply scrolling on and on.

The section ‘More Headlines’ loads as you scroll, offering a seemingly endless stream of articles. The News & Weather app will prioritize displaying AMP articles since more websites have adopted the format.

Moreover Google declared that the displayed content in the app will "stay algorithmic," meaning that everything from which articles are revealed to the sources chosen will depend on an algorithm churning in the background. The more you use it, the better it gets at finding you news .

The Google News & Weather app is available for both Android and iOS. Quickly, now — this may be your only chance to get an iPhone-loving friend on the Google bandwagon.

Further, over the next few days the app update will roll out.