Govt. plans to issue ID cards for animals

Govt. plans to issue ID cards for animals

Karachi (Web Desk): Sindh government is considering to devise a unique law which would make it mandatory for animals’ owners to make identification cards for their ruminant animals.

The bill has been prepared by Sindh Livestock Department.

According to details, a NADRA-like institution named ‘Sindh Livestock Registration Authority’ (SLRA) would be established to issue identification cards, visas, passports and other documents for animals.

Likewise, central data base would be built to monitor animals’ movement, their sale and purchase, vaccination and to record date of birth and death.

SLRA would also provide training to butchers whereas it would be mandatory to inform SRLA’s officials while brining animals to slaughterhouses. It would also be mandatory for butchers to register themselves as per new law.

The new authority would also take steps for animals’ welfare and their nutrition.