Tel Aviv (Web Desk): Beloved wife of US President Donald Trump , Melania Trump slaps at Trump when he tried to hold her hand yesterday.

According to details, President Trump and Melania began Israel trip, but an awkward sight hogged the media limelight showing Melania Trump’s apparent snub to her husband.

Trump and his First Lady Melania touched down in Israel — the second stop on their current international tour — where they were greeted at Tel Aviv airport by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara.

While the Netanyahus happily walked hand in hand along the red carpet, their guests did not. At one point, the US President reached for the hand of his wife of 12 years, but Melania swatted him away with her own hand .

Israeli publication Haaretz wrote on its official Twitter account “Well this is embarrassing,” with a slow motion clip of the moment.

Video has gone viral. Here’s the clip

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