Rana Sanaullah claims certain people use SC to conspire against Pakistan

Rana Sanaullah claims certain people use SC to conspire against Pakistan

Faisalabad (Staff Report): Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said on Monday that certain people are using the Supreme Court to conspire against Pakistan, adding that the situation of Pakistan will destabilized if the Prime Minister is removed from office in an undemocratic and non-public manner.

The law minister said, “If such a leader who has been elected by millions as prime minister is removed in an undemocratic and non-public manner, it will create political instability in Pakistan.”

Sanaullah remarked while speaking to media in Faisalabad, “These conspirators need to be curbed. We understand that the honourable SC judges will always choose what is best for the country.”

The Punjab law minister also said that using articles 62 (qualification for parliament membership) and 63 (disqualification from parliament membership) of the Constitution like Article 58 (2)b will be rejected by the nation.

Whether 58-2b is utilized by a dictator or article 62, 63 is used in its form, it is not acceptable for this public as it is their right,” said Sanaullah.

PML-N opponents are relying on undemocratic ways to remove the prime minister, he said, adding they knew it would be difficult for them to defeat Nawaz Sharif in the 2018 elections.

He claimed that a conspiracy is being hatched against Pakistan at a time when the country has eliminated terrorism and load shedding. Pakistan is on the verge of dropping an economic bomb in the form of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), he said.