PM Imran hails nation on hosting ‘successful’ OIC-CFM summit

PM Imran hails nation on hosting ‘successful’ OIC-CFM summit

Islamabad (Web Desk): Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday congratulated the nation on successfully hosting the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation’s Council of Foreign Ministers conference held in Islamabad from March 22-23.

“I congratulate the nation on the successful OIC-CFM hosted by ????????. Unity of Ummah reflected in agreement over broad range of actions on: advancing just causes of Kashmir & Palestine; Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis; combating Islamophobia & plight of Muslims,” the premier said in a tweet.

“As CFM Chair, ???????? will promote partnerships for unity, justice and development to strengthen the voice of the Ummah globally,” he added.

On Tuesday, addressing the 48th session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM), the premier said the Muslim countries should not drag themselves into bloc politics and rather show their power for bringing peace in the world.

The prime minister focused on the issues including Islamophobia, global conflicts and the situation regarding Afghanistan, Kashmir, Palestine and Ukraine.

He said that as the representative body of 1.5 billion population, it was crucial for OIC to address the lingering issues of Kashmir and Palestine.

“We have failed both the Palestinians and Kashmiris. I am sad that we have not been able to make an impact despite being the massive voice of 1.5 billion.”

PM Imran pointed out that the international community decades ago had made a pledge with Kashmiris to let them decide their fate.