Elections Bill 2017: Senate approves amendment

Elections Bill 2017: Senate approves amendment

Islamabad (Staff Report): The Senate approved an amendment to clause 203 of the Elections Bill 2017, barring a disqualified person from heading a political party.

Opposition parties tabled amendments to the much-debated clause of the previously approved Elections Bill 2017 during the Senate session held on Monday evening.

According to details, clause 203 of the Elections Bill 2017 pertains to membership of political parties, which allows every citizen to have the right to form or be a member or office-bearer of a political party, despite the person being out of the service of Pakistan.

However, the amendment tabled in the Senate suggests that a person who is not eligible to become a member of the Parliament cannot head a political party.

The amended bill was opposed by the government with Federal Minister of Law Zahid Hamid expressing reservations. 

However, it was passed with a clear majority of 49, including leaders from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, voting in favour of the amendment.

Earlier in the Senate, on October 11, a resolution was passed on the same matter.