Islamabad ( Staff Report): Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif has said on Friday that he will support any investigations into the episode of the release of Raymond Davis , adding that even the compensation was paid by the Pakistani government.

He said, we feel ashamed as a nation over the episode of the release of American spy Raymond Davis as various personalities fulfilled their commitments with others by putting aside national interest and dignity.

According to details, Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif was addressing the Upper House of the Parliament in response to Calling Attention Notice and Adjournment Motion moved in the Senate regarding revelations made by the CIA Agent Raymond Davis in his book titled “The Contractor” which has raised several questions on the ability of our institutions.

He took the stance that the role of these personalities were totally against the national interest and we feel sorry over their attitude however, such incidents will occur since the real power is not transferred to the Parliament.

The minister said that accountability system of Parliament could be the only way to strengthen the accountability system of any other institution.

He said, the probe of Raymond Davis case should be proceed publically or in-camera to make it consequences effective.