PM Imran says nation will bury politics of loot, subservience on March 27

PM Imran says nation will bury politics of loot, subservience on March 27

Islamabad (Web Desk): Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said that the nation would bury the politics of loot, plunder and subservience on March 27 in Islamabad, and build a corruption-free and a sovereign New Pakistan.

Addressing a public gathering in Khyber Pakhtukhwa's (KP) Mansehra, the premier urged the youth to stand against the corrupt elements, who are involved in buying the conscience of the elected representatives.

He said the sole objective of opposition’s no-confidence motion was just to seek the withdrawal of the corruption cases against their corrupt leaders but, they would bite the dust. It will be the biggest treason if he pardoned them, he added.

"On the 'coffin' of three stooges' politics, the people would build a new Pakistan with reformed systems transforming the country into a great nation," PM Imran said.

Referring to the PTI’s public meeting scheduled on the day at Parade Ground of Islamabad, he said that being the country’s future, the youth should choose between good and evil on March 27.

The prime minister said an illicit trade of loyalties was going on in Islamabad where the parliamentarians were being offered Rs 200-250 million each to buy their loyalties in support of the no-confidence motion.

“Will these three stooges succeed,” the prime minister questioned the gathering which shouted No.

He said by issuing statements in support of the European Union and against his categorical stance of “Absolutely Not,” Shahbaz Sharif was all set to become the prime minister, but he would face disappointment days of Sharifs’ corruption were gone.

Imran Khan said it was his government which led a resolution in the United Nations (UN) for the designation of March 15, as an International Day to Combat Islamophobia.

He said the West used to hurt sentiments of 1.5 billion Muslims under the garb of freedom of speech and hoped that the UN resolution would bring an end to that practice.

The premier told the gathering that Pakistan would rise as great nation and Green Passport would earn respect if it truly followed the principles of Madina State including justice, public welfare and sovereignty.

Citing government’s welfare initiatives like Health Card, Ehsaas Cash Assistance, subsidy and anti-stunting programs, and interest free housing and business loans, the prime minister said the government had put Pakistan on the course to replicate Madina Welfare State. Pakistan would emerge as an example particularly among the Muslim world, he added.

He told the gathering that the politicians having riches abroad could never raise a voice against other countries.

He said despite Pakistan’s support to the US-led war against terrorism and sacrificing around 80,000 lives, the United States launched 400 drone attacks in Pakistan.

"Two of these three stooges were in the government at that time. The same country, getting our support for its war, was attacking us in return. There is no such example in the world. But the money-hungry leaders never condemned it," he said.

Imran Khan said after assuming the office, he decided that Pakistan would never bow before any other country. We will remain friendly to every country including India if it reverses unilateral action of August 5, 2019 in IIOJK.

"We will not let this country bow before anyone. Pakistan was made in name of Islam. Bowing before anyone except Allah is polytheism," he remarked.

The prime minister said Allah had asked the believers to support the truth against the evil and never asked to stay neutral.

But unfortunately, he said “Our society is not following Amar Bil Maroof rather the western society is doing it, including their institutions and media.”

"Pakistan, the one who plundered billions from national kitty, transferred billions to their servants’ accounts and fled abroad was still considered a leader," PM Imran said.

Had it happened in the west, his own party would have deserted him, what to talk of the media, he added.

He said the despite telling lies before the court and producing forged documents like Qatari letter, they were still called leader which was against Islamic teachings too.

PM Imran said contrary to the opposition’s claims, his government performed its best during three and half years and achieved record exports, tax collection, five bumper crops, textile and IT industry’s growth.

He said consequent to the negotiation with the company, the government convinced the multinational company to invest $10 billion in Balochistan which he said would change the fate.

PM Imran said despite constructing roads with double stretch comparing the previous regimes, the incumbent government saved Rs 1,000 billion from the road projects.

"The government would save Rs 710 billion in next 10 years from the renegotiation of the power and gas contracts signed by the previous government," he said.

PM Imran thanked the people of Mansehra, Railways Minister Azam Swati, MNA Saleh Muhamamd and MPAs for arranging the huge public gathering.

KP Chief Minister Mahmood Khan and Federal Minister for Railway Azam Khan Swati also addressed the public gathering.