Speaker adjourns crucial NA session on no-trust motion till March 28

Speaker adjourns crucial NA session on no-trust motion till March 28

Islamabad (Web Desk): Speaker National Assembly (NA) Asad Qaisar on Friday adjourned the crucial session of the House, with no-trust move against Prime Minister Imran Khan till March 28 (Monday).

The NA session began with the recitation of the Holy Quran and prayers for late MNA Khayal Zaman, former president Rafiq Tarar and Senator Rehman Malik.

However, NA speaker Asad Qaiser announced that it would be adjourned in light of parliamentary convention.

The chair in his remarks said it is the parliamentary tradition to adjourn the house after fateha on the first day of session held after the death of a member.  He said this is done to honor the late member of the National Assembly.

On the no-confidence motion, the NA Speaker said that he would conduct proceedings "as per rules and procedures" after which he adjourned the session till 4pm on March 28.

On Thursday, the National Assembly Secretariat had issued a 15-point ‘Orders of the Day’ for the NA session, which included the no-confidence resolution.

On March 8, the opposition had submitted the motion and requisition for the session to the NA Secretariat.

The notice of no-confidence resolution against PM Imran Khan was signed by 152 opposition members.

Under the Constitution, the speaker was bound to hold the session within 14 days.

However, he did not summon the session until March 21 (the 14th day), which is now set to commence from today.

Voting on the resolution will be held at least 3 to 7 days after it has been laid before the National Assembly.