Pakistan shares dossier on India’s sponsorship of terrorism with UN chief

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New York (Web Desk): Pakistan has handed over a dossier on India’s terror campaign to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Pakistan’s envoy to the UN Munir Akram met Guteress at UN headquarters in on Tuesday and briefed him about the Indian involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan. He urged the UN chief to prevail on New Delhi to desist from its illegal and aggressive activities.

The secretary general promised to “study the dossier and take appropriate action”, said Pakistan’s envoy. Pakistan reserved the right to “act in self-defence” against India’s unending aggressions, the envoy warned.

Later, at a news briefing at the Pakistan Mission, Ambassador Akram explained how India’s irresponsible behavior could jeopardise the entire region.

“There is a complacency because there has been a deterrence between India and Pakistan since the 1988 nuclear tests,” said the Pakistani envoy when asked why major world powers were underplaying the consequences of a simmering conflict in a nuclearised region.

Pakistan also plans to draw the attention of relevant UN bodies, including the Security Council, to India’s sponsorship of terrorism.