Incredible 25 years of UNIQUE friendship

Incredible 25 years of UNIQUE friendship

Tokyo (Web Desk): Yoriko, a friendly Asian sheephead fish, has been sharing a unique friendship with a local diver Hiroyuki Arakawa for 25 years.

Arakawa comes to tend a Shinto shrine beneath the waves, but over the years, his visits have turned into a whole lot more then managing the shrine.

The pair has developed a unique relationship during that time. Yoriko never misses a chance to visit his diver friend, and enjoys some playtime, and even a few affection kisses.

The Japanese media reported that Arakawa runs a local dive shop, manages the shrine only accessible via a tank of air, goggles, and scuba gear and he consistently reports on his Facebook page that Yoriko comes to see him and plays with him as he tends the shrine. Arakawa greets Yoriko with a kiss when they meet. Yoriko and Arakawa have been friends for 25 years now.

You can watch the sweet interaction between Yoriko and Arakawa in the video below.