What “Hollywood Makeup Artist” can do

Hollywood: Anyone who say that he/she doesn’t like Hollywood movies is a big liar and with a golden era of comic and superhero movies going on undeniably everyone has watched at least one movie of this genre.

Although the credit goes to the whole team of a movie for its success but a less popular but major contributor to super hero movies are Makeup artist who has to change the look of an actor radically to fit him in the roles. Here are few looks which can impress you.

 Bane — Tom Hardy 

The Dark Knight Rises, 2012

Hulk  — Mark Ruffalo

The Avengers, 2012

Gamora — Zoe Saldana 

Guardians of the Galaxy, 2014

Vision — Paul Bettany 

Avengers: Age of Ultron, 2015

Dracula  — Gary Oldman

Bram Stoker’s Dracula, 1992

Lamia — Michelle Pfeiffer 

Stardust, 2007

Enchantress — Cara Delevingne

Suicide Squad, 2016

Marv— Mickey Rourke 

Sin City, 2005

Lili Elbe — Eddie Redmayne

The Danish Girl, 2015

Mr. Wong — Eddie Murphy

Norbit, 2007

Red Skull — Hugo Weaving

Captain America: The First Avenger, 2011

Deadpool — Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool, 2016

Mystique — Jennifer Lawrence

X-Men: First Class, 2011

Beast — Nicholas Hoult

X-Men: Days of Future Past, 2014

The Phantom of the Opera — Gerard Butler

The Phantom of the Opera, 2004

Hellboy — Ron Perlman

Hellboy, 2004

Nebula — Karen Gillan

Guardians of the Galaxy, 2014