Former ‘RAW Chief’ admits ISI world’s best intelligence agency

Former ‘RAW Chief’ admits ISI world’s best intelligence agency

Mumbai (Web Desk): Former Indian RAW Chief admired the efficiency of Pakistan premier intelligence agency of Pakistan, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and declared ISI the world’s best intelligence agency, Indian media reported.

According to details, former Indian RAW Chief Amarjit Singh Dulat (A. S. Dulat) wrote a book in collaboration of Asad Durrani, in which he accepted that ISI’s agents are the best and they never give-up their loyalty at any coast.

He added that RAW could never detained any ISI agent while Pakistani agency not only succeeded to detain Kulbhushan Sudhir Jadhav but also make him confess.

The former RAW Chief admitted that only ISI is the world’s best agency and it is an inevitable truth.

It is pertinent to remember that former Indian RAW Chief not only admires the efficiency of ISI but also expressed that he would consider it an honour for him to become chief of ISI.