Tanushree Dutta alleges Nana Patekar harassed her a decade ago

Tanushree Dutta alleges Nana Patekar harassed her a decade ago

Mumbai (Web Desk): Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta has alleged that Nana Patekar harassed her on the sets of film ‘Horn OK Pleassss’ that was released in 2009.

“I want to take names - actor Nana Patekar, producer Sami Siddiqui, director Rakesh Sarang and choreographer Ganesh Acharya. When Nana Patekar misbehaved with me, he said out loud that he would do an intimate step with me in the song, which wasn’t mentioned in my contract. It was supposed to be a solo sequence of mine. I would feel very uncomfortable when he would come next to me and try to put his arm around me," Dutta, who had previously shared in 2008 that a fellow co-star had behaved with her inappropriately on set, said in an interview with Zoom TV.

"He was grabbing me by the arms, pushing me around then he would ask the choreographers to move and teach me how to dance, and the next thing I know he wanted to do was an intimate sequence with me. It was ridiculous.”

Dutta also says she was "probably one of the first people in the history of this country in the media field to speak up and stand up" against sexual misconduct.

Sharing her views regarding global movements like #MeToo and #Time’sUp, Tanushree said that these will never have an impact in India until notable Bollywood celebrities don’t condemn and stand against what happened to her ten years ago. She added that though people spoke about the controversy, nobody took action.