‘Fellas, Just work it out’: Trump tells Pakistan, India

‘Fellas, Just work it out’: Trump tells Pakistan, India

New York (Agencies): US President Donald Trump said that he held productive conversations with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and Indian PM Narendra Modi.

Addressing a presser after attending the United Nations General Assembly, Trump said he met Indian and Pakistan premiers and discussed Kashmir issue.

"I said, 'Fellas, work it out. Just work it out'," Trump said.

The US president once again reiterated his offer to mediate between Pakistan and India on Kashmir, which Modi has repeatedly rejected.

“And whatever help I can be, I said — I offered, whether it’s arbitration or mediation, or whatever it has to be, I’ll do whatever I can. Because they’re at very serious odds right now, and hopefully that’ll get better,” Trump added.

Tensions between India and Pakistan reached a feverish pitch on August 5, when New Delhi unilaterally annexed occupied Kashmir, revoking a constitutional guarantee that gave a special status to the disputed territory.